Are you a bike?

Hi There! Did you get a card with this link?

So you are a bike as well! You don’t know what this is about? Well here it is: You probably crossed a bike path at a bad time. You have to know that bike paths are suited for bikes and bike riders only.

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You don’t need to worry, Everyone is a bike from time to time!

You’re not alone! This website has been created to deal with the subject. So keep your head up! If you want to become a human again, you have to remember two simple things:

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If you find yourself near a bike path and you want to cross, just look left and right, so you know that you’re safe and there isn’t anyone coming your way. Easy peasy, right? Super simple, but it works miracles!

Are you a bike Number Two

If by some kinda magical coincidence you find yourself walking on a bike path, make sure that you get off of it as soon as possible, but be conscious and look around again, because it’s possible that at this moment a cyclist may try to pass you.

Those two simple wonderful changes in your life can make such a difference and help you get out of this state of delusion that you are Bike ;) I know it’s easier said than done! So don’t be so harsh on yourself, no one expects any miracles, please just try ;)
It’s obvious that at the beginning you’ll keep forgetting, but if you work on it, you will change for the better! And at some point you will do it without even noticing it! And remember you’re not alone! I’m sure many of your friends and family think they’re bikes too sometimes! We all believe in you! You can do it!
Friendly society of people that thinks they’re bikes

Thanks for bearing with me to the end ;)

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About the Initiative

Well, I bike everyday to work, to meetings with friends, clients all in different parts of town and different times and I noticed one thing that is the same everywhere.

No one even notices the bike paths, apart from bikers obviously (but sometimes even they don’t care ). I am a really nice person with an outgoing and friendly attitude, so every single time when I need to pass somebody walking in the bike path I try to do it as gently as possible.

I don’t want to scare or offend them in any way, because life is about appreciating things, not spreading a negative attitude ;) But when I need to pass 15 people in 7 minutes just to get to where I want to go, my cheerfulness and excitement level dangerously drops a bit ;)

This Project is not about making you feel angry or hated. It’s just about making you conscious about the fact that bike paths are for bikes and pedestrian paths are for pedestrians. So let’s remember that !

and may the force be with you!

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I want to thank everyone who helped me with this project:
for Codes!
A.Dynysiewicz, R.Ware
for helping out with translations! and Everyone for support!